"Ode to the New Year's Tree"

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Parker Gallery- "Crossing Borders" exhibit

Julia's work is included in the "Crossing Borders" exhibit on the 2nd floor of Lesley University, 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. The exhibit will run from November 16, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

Visual Arts Center of NJ - "Drawing It Out"

Julia's work is featured in the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey's exhibition "Drawing It Out," in the Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Gallery. The exhibit will run from September 22, 2017 to January 14, 2018. Please see it while you can!

Listen to Comics Insider Interview with host Jimmy Aquino

"I defy you to not be moved!"

Tablet Magazine - Review of Soviet Daughter

"....draws a parallel between her own idealism, that of the Occupy generation, and Lola’s. After a century, we’re able to see the Russian Revolution and the early Soviet project with clearer eyes. ... The high hopes of people like Lola are worth remembering."

Lilith Magazine - Interview with Julia Alekseyeva

Listen to Julia's interview with Olia Breininger on the New Books in History podcast.

Listen to Julia's interview with Lulu Garcia-Navarro on NPR's Weekend Edition

Cleaver Magazine - Review of Soviet Daughter

"As we all struggle to make sense of the Trump era, Alekseyeva has written and drawn a story of autocracy, revolution, and the refugee experience..."

Comics for Grownups - Review of Soviet Daughter

"...really fascinating story."
"Lola's story is [just] astounding..."

NEIU Independent - Review of Soviet Daughter

"inspirational and epic"
"This cross-generational relationship paints their stories in gorgeous expressive ink washes, hand-drawn picturesque panels. It brings to life the challenges of adulthood, war and death..."

Litteratura Magazine - Review (in Russian language) of Soviet Daughter

"Everything is done simply, accurately, and truthfully, and that truth-- coupled with an attempt to show history not as a history of ideas, but as the development of personalities-- helps round out the sharp edges without looking for compromise or political antagonism."

Ink Mag - Review of Soviet Daughter

"Soviet Daughter is a call to arms as much as it is a memoir. It ends with a message, reminding the reader that they can use their voice to go out and change the world just as the people who came before them have done. In a time when vital progress on important issues such as women's reproductive rights or equal rights for members of the LGBTQ community looks close to being undone this message couldn't be more important."

The Post Calvin - Review of Soviet Daughter

"Lola's story not only serves as a thrilling historical tale, filled with details to teach anyone about the history and culture of the USSR, but also envisions how we can serve the communities around us, and that we learn this through the practice and experience of others."

The Rumpus - Review of Soviet Daughter

"Soviet Daughter is a labor of love, a memoir, a personal history, and a political history-an achievement of both visual and written storytelling."

Publisher's Weekly - Review of Soviet Daughter

"incredible tale of pluck, joy, and hard-fought survival"

The Bay Area Reporter - Review of Soviet Daughter

The Bay Area Reporter has reviewed Soviet Daughter in their piece on some of the best new graphic novels. The piece, All the graphic details, discusses the book and some tidbits about its creation.

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